Sunday, February 27, 2011

New News!

So this last couple weeks have been just a little bit crazy; I drove a couple hours away every weekend to help my dad move into his new apartment, and tried to study for midterms. Luckily, my art teacher realized that the due date for our project was right smack in the middle of everyone's tests, so she postponed the deadline til after spring break. NICE.

It's a dye class, and we've been doing different shibori techniques since the beginning of the semester. The theme she gave us was resistance. These are a couple of my samples. Most of them start out as traditional pole wrapped shibori, but a few of them have folds or stitching. All of them are rainbow dyed with acid dye. I love how clear things are in the acid dye!

I'm a multicultural kid; my mom is a Filipina who went to a Catholic all girls school in the Philippines until college, and my dad is a mixed white American. There are things many things that I learned that agree with both cultures, but what happens when they disagree? I've been having to pick and chose what I want to take with me, and lately that's been getting harder. Dating protocols are very different from my mom's world and my dad's world, the role parents play in your adult life is another difference.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Hello everyone! I'm still in the middle of a very hectic family/school time, but I just had to share with you a lovely new store on Etsy!

Chelsea's shop, BeadsofLight13 has some really pretty beaded works. Swarovski beads, lampwork beads, pearls, stones, glass, you name it. (No surprise she'd love to see Venice because of the glass! Great reason to go, by the way. They have neat little glass blowing studios tucked away at the tops of shops.)

This is a picture of a gorgeous bracelet I traded for! Did I mention how accommodating she is? 

Look at the wonderful glass bits in there! They're so pretty with the pearls. I can't resist shiny! I have no clue how she finds time to do all these beautiful pieces with the number of pets vying for her attention. Chelsea's got a german shepherd and three cats! One of whom is preggers too. I can hardly get stuff done with the amount of effort it takes to keep just ONE cat out of my room! She must be a secret animal whisperer. That's the only explanation!

But with all those pets, she's a girl after my own heart; she likes birds! I've been considering getting one, but it really has to wait until after I graduate and we get a place big enough to keep the bird away from the dog. Or else there'll just be a dog. It would be so cute if Chelsea got a parrot though! It would probably learn all her favorite country songs!

But really. Check out her shop! Because the more people look, the more she can experiment with learning some techniques she's been craving to play with. Like casting rings and doing sculptural pieces! Don't you want to see those?