Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dragon*con and Costumes!

Dragon*Con was a BLAST! Last time I went was back in 2007, and BOY has it grown since then. Instead of the three host hotels, there are now 5. We went to some wonderful panels, including one about the physics of the Whedonverse (including Firefly!) and an interview with the Tams. (Two of the actors from Firefly) Also, we went to a stage combat panel and a costume contest panel for The Wheel of Time, and I went to a polymer clay panel. TONS of good information!

I didn't get a lot of my own pictures since my camera decided that it would be more fun to watch me squirm because I can't get a shot of that really awesome costume that just walked by. But here are a few! My boyfriend's camera worked like a dream.

At one of the panels, we ran into some more Firefly cosplayers! And they had everyone (Pre Persophone Pickups...yay alliteration!) except Mal and Inara. (Wash was at another panel and joined in after this) So Elliot and I filled in the gaps!
I made my entire costume, and Elliot's jacket, although that's pretty hidden.

I found Severus Snape in a coffee shop! He even had the scowl down pat. That's Elliot in the background as Captain Hammer. We made his shirt and my groupie t-shirt.

Penny found us! She was so pretty!
That's all for now! ^_^