Tuesday, August 31, 2010


School time Everyone! I finally got myself moved back to school and settled in. Unfortunately, I've realized I don't have the wonderful workspace I had over the summer. So! This weekend I figured out how to get my room in working order. Also, I've been working on a few things. A friend of a friend contacted me on Facebook saying I should make sushi plugs. They were a blast to make! And the only gamer plugs I could find were resin. So I'm making a few more styles to see how they go!

Paupu fruits from Kingdom Hearts. Which is one of my favorite games in the whooooole world.

Umbrella Corp!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hello all! No more sickness, so I thought I'd share a few new Stuffs. I've branched a little again and made a few barrettes. They're cute! One is classy, one is steampunk, and the last one is PacMan. Everyone loves PacMan!

Classy first. It's got a mirror on it, and the polymer clay is black and gold. I really like the Sculpy gold. It's not too flashy, but it has a nice shine to it. And it leaves "fairy dust" on my hands after I use it. :)

Steampunk! I got the cogs a while ago, but never got around to using them on anything, so I figured this would be as fun a use as any. (I think I'm going to wear this with my steampunk outfit I made for Dragon*Con) The wires in it are fake; all clay! 

Waka waka waka. 

Monday, August 9, 2010


Word of note people: sickness sucks. Fortunately, before sickness came a wonderful time with my boyfriend for his birthday! And now that I'm halfway better, I've started making things again. It feels so nice. I've made a couple cute cakes, including a two-tiered wedding cake! I'll have pictures up soon, but I thought I may as well make a virtual appearance, since I dropped off the face of the earth.

Please, everyone! Don't catch sickness! It's not fun!