Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally, an update!

Hi again everyone!
Now that I have my life back, (it's funny how one show can consume your entire life and leave you with nothing but a musical on repeat in your head...) I can go back to blogging!

Etsy's been doing great this holiday season; the stats on sales and views are fantastic! 2 million + items sold! I've done a few custom orders in the past couple months, and it's been so fun. The people have been great to work with, and it's so nice how they took the time to post feedback and even convo me to tell me they liked the piece!

Also, the biggest news EVER! My parents bought me a Nikon CoolPix P100 as an early Christmas gift! It has a gorgeous 26x zoom that I drool over constantly, and wow. My pictures are getting to be pretty neat. I love Christmas!

Check these out: