Saturday, June 19, 2010


My Etsy store is now officially up and running. Not completely filled up yet, but it's getting there. My computer was slow, so the images were taking quite some time. Today, the rest of them go up, hurray!

For those who don't know about Etsy, you should. It's a fantastic place to get handmade or vintage stuff, and there's a huge selection of everything. Want an PS3 controller-shaped soap that smells like Mountain Dew? Here. Want watermelon/honeydew candles? Those are there too. And the fun doesn't stop there!

There's a full range of clothes, accessories, jewelry, patterns, geekery, woodworking, glass, pretty much anything you can think of. And it's all for sale by the people making it. So support handmade!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Bleach masks! First I was playing around with making them out of papier mache, but then I found Model Magic. Love it! I ended up making two masks, Nel's and Loly's, before I ran out of white. On my to do list is to make the costumes to go with it.

Here are the pictures! First the one I worked off of, and second, the mask I made. I'm pretty happy with them, especially since these are the first masks I've ever made, and my first time working with Model Magic. 

Neliel Tu (I just have to add in black fabric in the eyes)


Next on my Bleach list is Starrk. I just need more white.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


An addition to the family! And I'll never be required to incinerate.

Companion cube! It's going to be a thingy for a cellphone. Maybe I'll put the cake on the same chain.

The cake is a lie!

I'm loving this whole "making stuff" scheme! I got a few requests this weekend for some sushis and cakes, so when I got home from my trip to see my boyfriend (and buy a textbook, which shouldn't cost as much as it did, grrr) I spent some time with clay. In order to get the extra slice I needed for the earrings, I ended up making two whole cakes. I should really just make one cake for the sole purpose of cutting up, but I haven't yet. And here I am with an extra cake minus a slice. What does any good Portals fan do? The Cake Is A LIE. (Plus, I got the comment that the cakes I had made looked similar, but weren't THE cake. So here is THE cake.)

Maybe I'll get some gray and make a companion cube. I had to incinerate mine. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dessert, anyone?

Chocolate makes everything better, and these are diet-proof! I haven't been getting out to exercise so much, so I haven't been eating as much chocolate as I feel I need. I'm trying to satisfy my craving for sweets by making them out of Sculpy instead. Truffles were the first ones up! They make cute little dangles.

They've got raspberry filling, and chocolate shavings on top. Again, I debated about the glazing, but my dad pointed out that we should "do research" on truffles first; namely go out and buy a box and see if they're shiny. And then consume them. I concur. So the next ones may be shiny, or not, depending on the results of our findings.

I also baked cake. With whipped cream and strawberries. They still need to have findings put on, but the slices will be earrings, and the cake is the pendant.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Geekery! I love mushrooms. Therefore, I love marioshrooms! So I made a pair of shroomy studs :) They were pretty easy, but they turned out really cute. I debated forever on whether or not to glaze them, but decided not to. I think they're adorable anyway.

Then I got asked to do Sailor Moon-ish earrings, which was a little hard at first just because I've never watched or read it!  So I started looking things up on google images, and found a cute little wand thing. (Feel free to tell me what it's really called ^_^) And I made studs out of those! Now they have probably the most comments of any single thing I've made.

Along the Mario lines, I did a little cellphone charm shell. 

Lastly on my geekery list so far is Chibi Cthulu! My boyfriend's a huge fan of H.P Lovecraft, and there was an adorable little chibi in Munchkin Cthulu. So it's his surprise this weekend. Shhh! ^_~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sushi Earrings

Since this was the first thing I made, I guess it makes sense to start here! I read about polymer clay canes, and thought that would be such an easy way to do sushi, so, here was my first attempt. The wasabi swirls were really fun!

Since I rolled it so thin, I got about 32 little sushi out before running out of usable cane! Hence my making several different versions:

And the dangly ones:

They're all about the same size, and the first two are stud earrings. I'm on the hunt for my elusive jump rings to finish off the pendants. I think they're hiding in my sewing box...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Hi guys! It's Lyssa. Now I'm over here too. I'm really glad you all checked out my "stuffs" on Facebook, and I wanted to put stuff up on here too. Partly because no one can see my Facebook except friends, and I'd like to have my things up on the web, and partly because I'd like to babble a bit about what I'm making.

If you think somebody would like the things I do, please send them my way! ^_^ I really like making stuff, and every bit of income helps! As soon as I get enough things to made, I'm going to start putting them up on Etsy. I'll let you know when that happens! So, if you like the pictures, please recommend them to people, I'll love you forever!

<3 Lyssa