Monday, December 19, 2011


Well, I am officially an alumnus of East Carolina University. YAY! It feels wonderful to not be a student anymore; no more papers, no more studying things I don't want to learn yet and not study the things that are just plain awesome (like astronomy! Astronomy is fantastic, but I couldn't take it! No time! grr...) no more waking up for 8 am classes that I know I'm not awake enough to do my best in, no more school food!

But here's the thing. As wonderful as it is, I now have this constant feeling of "I know I should be doing something. I can't have all this time, schedules don't work like that! I should wake up early to do something. What am I doing!" Tiresome!

My cousins also came up from Florida to surprise me for graduation, and my best friend drove in from Chapel Hill to have some fun time, so we had a wonderful weekend! There was a whole lot of geekery involved.

Anyway. i've had some really awesome commissions lately, and wanted to share a little!
Tada! Zelda earrings! The shield is about the size of my thumb. I'm pretty excited about how much little detail got in there! And I've realized that my exacto is probably getting a little dull; I had to do some major touch ups once I got the little shapes cut.

Monster plugs (0g)! Again teeny tiny cutting! And here's the best part:

Yep, that's the excitement of Lyssa this week.