Saturday, June 25, 2011

Translucent Canes and Feather Canes

I've been playing around with Donna Kato's feather cane tutorial (click on the title for a link!), and came up with a few fun ones! Unfortunately, I got so cane-happy that I didn't think of what I could do with them after they were made... But I've been working on that!

These are going to go on bobby pins, I think. Nice little hair baubles, no?

These are some other canes I made; just a simple black one, and the red one from the last picture, and the one that looks white is actually glow in the dark. Yes, I love my shiny things!

And a bracelet I tried to make; I used a translucent feather cane and a translucent spiral cane on top of a ripple blade cut pastel stack.

P.S. Artistic rut is happening! I've been trying to find interesting pictures to stimulate me, but to no avail. Anyone want to share what inspires you?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Post Father's Day!

Yep. It's been quite a while...but I wanted to share some silly things from Father's Day. I'm lucky because my Dad is both a dad and a best friend. I was playing with some new canes at the table yesterday while we chatted and ate Kaluah brownies for breakfast, and I ended up reverting to the 3 year old me and started playing with making him look silly. When I was little, I would try braiding what little hair he had, but now I'm grown much more sophisticated! I made him polymer clay moustaches!

Happy post-Father's Day everyone! Hope you showed your dads some love!